For over 30 years people from around the globe have come to train at our mid-town Toronto Studio. As a world leader in mindful-movement we give clients access to the industry’s best instructors and the latest in mind-body exercise.

Our programs are designed to sculpt, strengthen and balance your body while de-stressing and focusing your mind regardless of age or ability.

Participating in group classes is a great way to meet other like minded people in your community. Joining a group class is one of the best ways to experience the breadth and depth of our branded programs to find out what you like. Plus, working out with others can be a great motivator and accountability support.

STOTT PILATES Essential Repertoire

Matwork Level I
Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES, mastering proper technique to reap the benefits of group classes. This series helps participants develop true core strength and stability while heightening mind-body awareness.

Essential Reformer I
Continue to ground yourself in the essentials of the STOTT PILATES® Reformer, mastering the proper technique required to build core strength, stability and mind-body awareness.

Reformer for Active Aging (all levels)
Created for clients 50 years+ who lead active lifestyles and are looking for a workout that is safe and effective, good for the heart but gentle on the joints.

Stability Chair and Matwork (all levels)
This class is a combination of Matwork and Stability Chair programming. Learn functional exercises that focus on core and peripheral strength from a variety of positions. Retrain imbalanced muscles and build on strength and agility of the whole body.

STOTT PILATES Essential-Intermediate Repertoire

Matwork Level II
This class improves coordination as it retrains muscles that may have become imbalanced over time. Suitable for clients who have mastered the Group Matwork Essential repertoire and are able to respond quickly and fluidly to cues.

Reformer Level II
A medium-to-high intensity class perfect for those transitioning from the Essential-Level Reformer Classes. Exercises seek to activate the muscles and mobilize the joints. Improve technique and proper breathing while mastering flowing sequences designed to increase total body strength and control.

STOTT PILATES Intermediate Repertoire

Matwork Level III
Improve body awareness while challenging strength and endurance. This series focuses on fluidity, endurance and strong transitions. Matwork Level III is suitable for strong and experienced clients looking to challenge themselves with an Intermediate repertoire.

Reformer Level III
This challenging fast-paced class, is designed to build endurance, enhance flexibility and strengthen the body. This class is suitable for those with a strong foundation in Essential-Intermediate classes.

STOTT PILATES Intermediate-Advanced Repertoire

Reformer Level IV
This intermediate level workout will enhance your endurance, strength and stamina. A non-stop high-intensity class designed to keep your body in motion with minimal rest between exercises and targeting more than one muscle group at a time.

ZEN•GA® program

ZEN•GA Matwork
ZEN•GA is a unique mind-body modality that fuses elements of Pilates, yoga, martial arts and meditation into a series of flowing movements that emphasize the breath and strengthen both body and mind. ZEN•GA is designed to stimulate the fascial system and build endurance, strength, mobility and stability.

ZEN•GA Reformer Vinyasa
Learn a new approach to the V2 Max® Reformer and ground yourself in the principles of ZEN•GA. You are taken through mindful workouts encompassing the bodies’ natural rhythms, developing ease and proficiency in movement while stimulating the fascial system.

Total Barre® program

Total Barre Basics I
Derived from Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training, Total Barre Basics teaches the foundations through simple movements choreographed to music.

Total Barre Mobility I
This class focuses on building strength, balance, flexibility and control and is designed specifically for exercisers who may face physical limitations due to injury or other conditions.

Total Barre Amplified (all levels)
This high-energy, endurance-focused class amps up the intensity by incorporating light props while clients are led through flowing sequences aimed at keeping the heart rate elevated.

CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training

CORE Interval Training (all levels)
Expanding on the principles of the STOTT PILATES method, CORE focuses on conditioning and performance using high-intensity interval training. These sessions are for active clients who are looking to challenge themselves physically.
Not suitable for clients with injuries; indoor shoes required

Halo® Training program

Halo (all levels)
Halo redefines bodyweight training: using your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. This is a high-energy class that targets multiple muscle group.
Not suitable for clients with injuries; indoor shoes required

Express classes

Innovative and simple jumping combinations are combined with upper and lower body strength and flexibility exercises. This unique cardio/strength interval workout on the vertical trampoline, challenges the core and total body strength while elevating the heart rate, all while focusing on proper jumping technique.

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Special populations mini-groups (circuits)

Flexion-free Circuit II
This specialized class caters to clients looking for a challenging and varied workout but are faced with exercise restrictions due to joint, bone or spinal conditions. Alternating between the Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and Reformers, endurance and stamina are improved while weight-bearing exercises focus on providing a more aligned and balanced body.
Class size limited to 3; separate package required

Prenatal Mini I
This specialized class caters to expectant moms in their first, second and third trimester. This intimate Pilates-inspired class focuses on maintaining good posture, muscle tone and overall mobility throughout pregnancy.
Limited class size; separate package required

Mom and Baby Pilates-Barre Fusion
A fitness class dedicated to both mom and baby! Designed for new moms, this class encourages you to move with your baby. A combination of Mat-based STOTT PILATES and Total Barre – this class includes all of the challenge of Pilates with all the energy, movement and music of barre! Start to re-engage pelvic floor and core muscles while building strength and stamina in the whole body.

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New or interested clients

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