Getting started

Work with the best

For over 30 years people from around the globe have come to train at our mid-town Studio. As a world leader in mindful-movement we give clients access to the industry’s best instructors and the latest in mind-body exercise.

Our programs are designed to sculpt, strengthen and balance your body while de-stressing and focusing your mind regardless of age or ability.

We offer more than 60 small-sized group classes weekly as well as personal protocols for all populations (active, injured, pre/postnatal, professional athletes, aging or young adult).

Right for you?

STOTT PILATES® exercise is ideal for everyone from young adults and aging baby boomers, to prenatal clients, rehab patients and elite athletes. People like you are realizing the importance of fitness programs that help relieve stress, strengthen the body, keep you fit and resilient while preventing muscular and stress-related illnesses like heart disease. Our contemporary approach developed by co-founders Lindsay and Moira Merrithew along with a team of physical therapists, sport medicine and fitness professionals is one of the safest and effective ways to realizing a new you.

Your first appointment

Start for success

New clients to the Studio are required to complete a one-hour private or semi-private orientation session; as a bonus, you will receive access to unlimited group classes to try over a two week period in any of our modalities. Corporate or group rates are available upon request.

What to expect

During your orientation session you will be introduced to the foundations of STOTT PILATES and the equipment and props we utilize. You will be led through a complete workout while the Instructor reviews your physical health, postural alignment and mind-body awareness. At the end of the session clients will receive direction about the types of classes and services best suited for them.

Already a pro?

Are you an Instructor of have you been doing Pilates for years? We still encourage you take advantage of this incredible offer and our instructors will quickly assess your abilities and tailor the workout to match your level of fitness while making sure you can safely work with our best in class equipment.

Be prepared

Dress comfortably

You don’t need the latest in workout gear in our relaxed environment! We encourage you to wear comfortable workout attire that is form fitting so that your instructor is able to see your body in action. For our Pilates based appointments and classes, shoes are prohibited, but socks are encouraged. In some of our specialty floor-based programs shoes are recommended; this is clearly indicated in the class description.


Don’t let an empty stomach distract you from getting the most out of your time with us. It is important to ensure that your body is adequately fueled for your workout. We recommend a light snack an hour to thirty minutes before hand such as seaweed crisps, nuts or an apple with hemp seeds.


Water is vital to a healthy body and we recommend drinking water, herbal teas or fresh juices before and after your session. Our facility is equipped with filtered water stations so be sure to bring a water bottle to hydrate during and after your appointment.

Upon arrival

What to expect

As a new client, it is recommended that you arrive 15–20 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out the necessary paper work and tour the facilities and our amenities without interrupting your 55-minute workout. After your appointment we’ll introduce you to our booking process and on-line schedule for your next visit.

New client waiver

New clients to the Studio are required to complete a Liability Waiver and a personal assessment. Clients under the age of 16 require the signature of a parent or guardian; please contact the Studio to learn more about what services are appropriate for younger audiences.

Standard check in process

Please greet reception upon arrival and check-in as a fire and safety precaution. Clients attending classes in our 2nd Floor Studio do not need to check in with reception on the 5th Floor but you are welcome to come say hi.

Don’t be late!

We know that poor weather conditions, heavy traffic and public transit can make us all late, but as a courtesy to yourself, our instructors and other clients, be sure to arrive at least five minutes before class by giving yourself adequate time to get here. If you do arrive late, quietly enter class and start in on the next rep. Clients may be asked to sit class out if they arrive too late or are making a habit of disrupting other clients. Location, transit and parking information here.


Change rooms and showers

Our facilities offer clients access to washrooms and fully stocked showers in our 5th floor studio. We offer free access to clean towels, hair ties, toiletries, blow dryers, and ironing equipment, you name it!


The Studio is also pleased to provide free lock and locker service. Simply help yourself to a loan-able lock at our front desk and safely store your personal belonging in our change rooms.


The Studio is pleased to offer free Wi-Fi access to clients.

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